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Subscription FAQ

  • What does a subscription include?

    The full version of the site will be available to subscribers and includes:
    • All of our example sentences.
    • Our SRS system to review those sentences.
    • The ability to add your own notes and study questions.
    • Upcoming features such as statistics about your progress and more.
  • What if I do not subscribe?

    We will offer a "lite" version of Bunpro that will allow access to each grammar point's meaning and structure, a limited number of example sentences and all of the reference links and textbook page numbers. This version will be free.
  • What happens to my reviews?

    Reviews will be automatically paused so that after subscribing you can start right where you left off.
  • What about my notes and self-study questions?

    You will still have access to any and all notes that you have taken with their corresponding Grammar Points as well as any Self-Study questions you may have created.
  • What about the support I gave?

    For those that have already supported us, any amount that you have donated will be available as a credit toward your subscription and will be deducted from whichever plan you choose should you choose to subscribe.
  • Why should I subscribe?

    Bunpro offers what no other Japanese grammar learning site does:
    • Manual-input SRS to truly test your grammar knowledge.
    • Multiple example sentences covering each grammar point's various patterns.
    • Review questions that change as you progress, quizzing you in new and unique contexts.
    • Links to great, free online resources to deepen your understanding of each grammar point.
    • Page numbers from a variety of textbooks so that you can follow along no matter your method of study.
    • The ability to take notes and create your own study questions all in one place.
    By subscribing, you directly contribute to the further development of the site allowing us to provide you with more detailed explanations of nuances and breakdowns for each grammar point, a better mobile experience through iOS and Android app development, and professionally recorded audio.
  • What will it cost?

    A monthly subscription will be available for $5 and a yearly subscription for $50. At the request of many users, we will also offer a $150 lifetime membership. We understand that the site is still being developed and as a way of saying thank you for supporting us as we continue to develop the site, we will offer a discount to make the subscription price match the progress of the site. Since only 60% of the site (three JLPT levels out of five) is done, the monthly and yearly subscriptions will be available for 60% of the full price. This means that a monthly subscription will be $3 and a yearly subscription will be $30. As we add more content we will adjust the price accordingly.
  • Can I try it out before subscribing?

    Yes! To allow users to test the full version of the site, we will offer all new and existing users a free one month trial. New users will automatically have the trial applied to their account while existing users will have the option to use the trial if they would like.