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Here are some of Bunpro's most powerful features!
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Spaced Repetition System Demo

Spaced Repetition System

Spaced repetition is an evidence-based learning technique where newly introduced Grammar Points are shown more frequently, while older Grammar Points are shown less frequently in order to take advantage of how your brain stores information.
The use of spaced repetition has been proven to increase rate of learning, and Bunpro takes care of it for you!

Reading Practice Demo

Reading Practice

Read real japanese tailored to your current level. You can add in your own notes, toggle furigana, and hide the english translation.
Stuck? Click right on the grammar you’re having trouble with for a quick explanation and a link for the full Grammar Point page!

Grammar Writeup Demo

Grammar Writeups

Bite-sized grammar writeups that give you just enough information to get started.
Fun facts and warnings to help you gain a more holistic understanding of each Grammar Point.

Vocab Demo


Thousands of vocabulary words, with access just a click away. Each vocabulary word also has eight context sentences. These sentences were created in a way that allows any user at any level to practice reading and understanding vocab context.

Audio Recordings Demo

Native Audio Recordings

Example sentences in Bunpro have corresponding native audio recordings.
Train your listening skills, practice shadowing, and familiarize yourself with pronunciation and pacing as part of your review flow.

Self-Study Demo


Love Bunpro’s SRS and Review system but want to use your own sentences? Add them and study it along your other reviews in Bunpro!

Ghost Reviews Demo

Ghost Reviews

Any Grammar Point can generate Ghost Reviews — a special kind of review that doubles down on Grammar Points you’re having trouble with to help you get extra practice and master them quickly!

Grammar Dictionary Demo

Grammar Dictionary

In need of a quick refresher or looking for a specific grammar point? Bunpro lets you quickly search through all of our available grammar to find what you need.

I know this Demo

“I know this!”

Advanced student? Quickly set any Grammar Point as completely studied so that you can only focus on what you actually need to study.

Related Grammar Demo

Related Grammar

All the Grammar Points display other Grammar Points related to it, either by being a building block from each other a synonym or an antonym from each other. Learn by comparison!

Customization Demo


Make Bunpro as unique as your own Japanese journey with powerful settings enable you to customize your experience.
You can:

  • Customize your reviews’ display and behavior
  • Select a theme
  • Choose system-wide font size
  • Enable Colorblind mode
  • ...And more!

Cram Demo


Got an important test coming up, or are you coming back to Japanese after a long break?
Cram lets you practice any Grammar you choose (with quick selection for JLPT levels and troubled grammar) and get a detailed report on what you could improve upon, without affecting your Reviews Queue. Cram away!

WaniKani Compatibility Demo

WaniKani Compatibility

Add your Wanikani API Key, and Bunpro will automatically stop showing furigana system-wide for words that contain kanji you’ve learnt so far.

Community and Forums Demo

Community and Forums

Engage with an active community through our forums, powered with the Discourse platform!
Each Grammar Point has its own dedicated forum post, to centralize all of the questions related to them. Who knows? Someone might’ve already solved the question you’re asking.

Progress Tracking Demo

Progress Tracking

Keep a close eye on your current and future workloads, how far in each JLPT level you’ve advanced and more stats, built right into Bunpro.

Badges and XP Demo

Badges & XP

Keep yourself motivated! Each Review you do grants XP that adds to your total Bunpro Level.
Badges are given to users who reach milestones such as XP and Level targets, long study streaks, and a few secret badges! Can you get them all?

Reset and Vacation Mode Demo

Reset & Vacation Mode

Do you want to go through the path again, or take a break from it? Bunpro allows you to reset to a desired level and re-study any old grammar.
Also, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or need to take a break from studying, enable Vacation Mode and your reviews will freeze until you disable it.

And more to come!

Bunpro is in active development.
Be it new grammar or new features, we're working daily to build the best language tool for learners like you.

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