N5 Lesson 2: 4/9
る - Verbs[る・ます] る - Verbs (Dictionary Form)

る - Verbs[る・ます]

Ichidan Verbs

⚠ Short form is also often called "casual form" (because it is used in casual language) or "plain form"

Structure Legend

The group of verbs that the dictionary form usually ends with eru(taberu) and iru(miru) sounds.
るVerbs conjugate by replacing the る with various suffixes, for example to express politeness just replace the last る with ます.
るVerbs are also known as いちだん (Ichidan) verbs.

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To look
[short → polite]

Genki I : Page 58
Genki I 2nd Edition : Page 88
みんなの日本語 I : Page 116 [CH 18]
Tae Kim's Japanese Grammar Guide : Page 43~47
Tae Kim's Japanese Grammar Guide : Page 87