How to Use Bunpro:

Grammar points for each JLPT level are broken down into lessons under the lesson tab on the menu bar.
First: please select the correct JLPT level and lesson under lessons.
Second: please choose the grammar point you want to study.
Third: study the grammar point structure and example sentences.
Fourth: read the links to external online resources under the more tab.
Last: check the box next to each link after reading it.

All boxes need to be checked before you can study the grammar point!

Under reviews, you will be given a review sentence with the grammar left blank. There is an English sentence available as some review sentences could potentially be correct with a variety of inputs. You will need to input the correct Japanese grammar for the sentence. After you have entered an answer, the grammatical structure, example sentence and readings will be available if you wish to review them before moving on.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you would like to see more keyboard shortcuts, please send us feedback!