Japanese is complex.
Bunpro makes it simple.

Bunpro gives you the roadmap and tools you
need to attain your learning goals.

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Why it works


Remove plateaus

by having a clear path

Bunpro gives you clear gradual progression from absolute beginner to grammar master.


Immediately use

what you have learned

Bunpro uses fill in the blank quizzes, greatly improving your ability to apply what you learn, in the real world.


Get dynamic feedback

when quizzed on grammar

Bunpro gives real-time, instant feedback, to help you learn from your mistakes.

How to use Bunpro

1. Begin by studying new grammar points.

The Bunpro path builds upon itself gradually, by introducing new grammar and showing you examples that only use things you have already learned. Don't worry though, if you already know a grammar point, or are using another resource, you have full control over customizing how and what you learn.


2. Everything you need to make serious progress.

Progress through your path with interactive grammar breakdowns, example sentences, and resources for each point. Got a question that’s not covered within the resources? Ask our active community, right from the Grammar Point you’re studying!

3. Reinforce with our Spaced Repetition System

Burn what you study into memory! Bunpro has you review each studied Grammar Point at the right time for optimal retention (tailored to you). This removes the need for worrying about what to review next, allowing you to focus on making progress.




“This is a breakthrough in language teaching technology — it works, it will make you more confident, it will speed up your learning, and it's fun to boot.”

Anthony Griffin

Founder and Principal Communications Consultant
Saga Consulting (Japan)


“With clear explanations and curated links to additional resources, it's the only grammar-learning system that you'll ever need.”

Simone Teufel

Professor of Information and Language
Cambridge University