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Bunpro provides tools and resources that will help your students succeed.

Additionally, as an instructor, you will get insights into your students’ progress, seamless integration with your curriculum, and much more!

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What is Bunpro?

Bunpro is a website designed around supporting students of all levels in their Japanese learning journey.

Our extensive content library has tens of thousands of example sentences, 900+ grammar explanations, thousands of vocabulary words, and much more!

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Benefits for Instructors

  • Seamless Integration

    Bunpro’s content automatically adapts to whichever textbook your class is learning from.

  • Real-Time Student Insight

    You will always have up-to-date information about your students’ current progress, allowing you to see which ones may need extra help.

  • Actionable Data

    Your dashboard provides consolidated data that highlight areas in Grammar or Vocabulary where you may need to spend more time.

  • Regain Class Time

    Spend more of your valuable in-class hours focusing on activities and interactions that can only happen in a classroom.

Benefits for Students

  • Extra Practice

    Your students can access thousands of example sentences that are designed to incrementally challenge and reinforce previously learned material to give them a solid foundation of understanding.

  • Constantly Adapting Homework

    Our Spaced Repetition System [SRS] based algorithm ensures your students will get extra practice with content they’re struggling on, and spend less time on items they’re excelling at.

  • Active Learning

    Bunpro helps your students internalize the content they learn through active, ongoing practice in new and varied contexts.

  • Learn Anywhere, Anytime

    Your students can learn and review on the go, in-between classes, and even offline, thanks to Bunpro's new mobile app!

What our users have to say...

  • A picture of Bunpro user Daniel, with their name, role and testimonial below
    “With its concise explanations, countless examples, and opportunities for hands-on experience, Bunpro rapidly established itself as an absolutely indispensable tool for my language learning journey.”


    Computer Science Student

  • A picture of Bunpro user Sam, with their name, role and testimonial below
    “…The versatility, customization, and information available are outstanding. If you’re looking for some serious progression in your studies, look no further.”


    Artist & Language Enthusiast

  • A picture of Bunpro user Fernando, with their name, role and testimonial below
    “Bunpro completely transformed my Japanese learning journey … It provided me with clear explanations, killer examples, and neatly organized links to resources. ”


    Software Engineer

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