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Various Updates - August 13th 2022

Hey All!We thought we would compile a list of small changes and bug fixes we have made in the past couple of weeks to keep everyone updated on the less visible and behind the scenes changes we are continually making.SRS NamesSRS levels now have na...

@Jake - Posted 1 day ago

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Major Update - Hints! (31st-July-2022)

Hi everyone!Today I have the great privilege of being able to introduce a renewed feature of Bunpro. Hints!One of the biggest ongoing pain points over the last few years for users has been the dreaded ‘synonym hell’, where perhaps 10 different cor...

@Asher - Posted 14 days ago

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New Bunpro Mobile Apps! - v0.2.2+11

Hey Everyone! We have just released official, in-house Android and iOS mobile apps! Caveats Before diving into the apps, there are just a couple of things to keep in mind: The apps are in what we are considering an Open Alpha. The Android ap...

@Jake - Posted 4 months ago

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Popout & Furigana Changes + New Landing Page

明けましておめでとうございます!Furigana ChangesFurigana is now visible on hover rather than just on click.This will only impact desktop users for now.We are experimenting with a click to toggle furigana → second click to open modal option for mobile.The click fu...

@Jake - Posted 7 months ago

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Lifetime Sale, A Year in Review and 2022, End of Discount

Lifetime SaleThe lifetime sale is now live! Lifetime subscriptions are on sale for $120 (normally $150). If you are already a subscriber, your current subscription will be prorated for any unused time. The sale ends January 7th, 2021.2021 Year in ...

@Jake - Posted 8 months ago