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Popout & Furigana Changes + New Landing Page

明けましておめでとうございます!Furigana ChangesFurigana is now visible on hover rather than just on click.This will only impact desktop users for now.We are experimenting with a click to toggle furigana → second click to open modal option for mobile.The click fu...

@Jake - Posted 17 days ago

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Lifetime Sale, A Year in Review and 2022, End of Discount

Lifetime SaleThe lifetime sale is now live! Lifetime subscriptions are on sale for $120 (normally $150). If you are already a subscriber, your current subscription will be prorated for any unused time. The sale ends January 7th, 2021.2021 Year in ...

@Jake - Posted about 1 month ago

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Over 9000! ... New sentences! Making context the king of vocab learning

Hi Everyone!Once again we have the great pleasure of introducing a new type of content to Bunpro that we feel will become a major (positive) turning point in the way that you study Japanese.On top of grammar, one of the biggest challenges involved...

@Asher - Posted about 1 month ago

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New N1 Grammar - 12/07

N1 Lesson 6わ〜わ - ~and ~and, keep ~ing, one after another, so much, so many, one after another とばかり(に) - as if (to say), seeming thatN1 Lesson 7 まくる - like crazy, keep doing (without a second thought), nothing but, on and on, do … all around, to do...

@Jake - Posted about 2 months ago

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Major Update 11/28 - Full Badge Revamp!

New Badges!After teasing it for a few weeks, we can finally unveil another big update:A complete redesign of each and every single Bunpro badge!We’re also opening a Badge Request Thread, where you can submit your own Badge ideas for us to add to ...

@Daru - Posted about 2 months ago