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N1 Lesson 10: 18/22

ともあろうものが ともあろうものが of all people, such,

Noun + ともあろう + もの(1) +

(1) 方、人
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  • ともあろう〜が follows a noun that denotes a person or group of people of high social standing, specialists, or simply someone that the speaker evaluates highly. It is followed by the speaker's opinion about that person's actual behavior, which differs from their expectations. It often expresses shock, reproach, or disappointment. However, it is sometimes also used for motivation (implying that the person in question is highly valued by the speaker) or to state in general what should be done by a person in such a position. Often seen alongside なんて, とは, のは and directly followed by expressions like 者, 人, 方.
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For Mr. Tanaka of all people to make such a silly mistake.
Of all people, It is unbelievable that a member of the Diet who calls for the protection of nature would litter at the beach.
A joke like this in such turbulent times? And from a member of parliament of all people

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