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N2 Lesson 1: 8/23


Apparently, Looks Like, Seems like


どうやら + Phrase + みたいだ(1)

(1) ようだそうだ らしい、って 感じだ


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About どうやら

どうやら can be translated as 'apparently', or 'it seems like', and is often grouped together with other phrases of speculation such as ようだ, そうだ, and らしい. Due to this, どうやら simply strengthens the uncertainty of things that the speaker is already unsure about. This is in a similar fashion to phrases like 'in some way it seems like (A)'.
Like many adverbs that express amount or speculation, どうやら will appear at the beginning of sentences and modify the meaning of the entire phrase.
  • 鈴木(すずき)くんはいるか?()ないのかな?どうやら今日(きょう)(やす)んでいるみたいだね。
    Is Suzuki-kun present? Maybe he's not here? It seems like he's taking today off as well.
  • どうやら(わたし)彼女(かのじょ)には必要(ひつよう)がないようだ。
    It seems like I am not needed by her.
  • どうやら(かれ)結婚(けっこん)しているらしいよ。
    I heard that he is apparently married.
Fun-fact - While classified as a standalone adverb, どうやら is originally a combination of どう 'how' and やら, a 助詞(じょし) (particle) that is used for denoting uncertainty about singular things or lists. With this in mind, it is similar to the way that 'or whatever', or 'or some such' may be added to a sentence in English in order to emphasize that (A) is not certain.
  • (となり)鈴木(すずき)さんがどうやら来月(らいげつ)からイギリスに()くらしいですよ。
    Our neighbor, Suzuki-san, is apparently going to England next month, or something.




    It looks like I was the one that left the light on. I'm sorry.

    ()ってた? どうやら 田中(たなか)さんは彼氏(かれし)(わか)れて、(いま)はフリーらしいよ。

    Did you know? Apparently, Tanaka broke up with her boyfriend. She is free now!


    Wedding Guest 1: 'Who is that?'
    Wedding Guest 2: 'Apparently, it is the bride's elder brother.'

    NHK 集金人(しゅうきんにん):「どうやら(わたし)はこの(あた)りでは歓迎(かんげい)されないようだ...」

    NHK Collector: 'Apparently, I am not welcome here.'


    It seems like those two are married.

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