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関西弁 Lesson 1: 21/21

ないといけない ⇒ なあかん

Have to, Must, Should, Have no choice but to



Verb[ないといけない]+ なあかん



    About ないといけない ⇒ なあかん

    As a replacement for the obligatory negative statements in standard Japanese (ないといけない, なければいけない, なくてはだめ, etc), なあかん may be used in 関西弁(かんさいべん). あかん itself is a 関西弁(かんさいべん) word that means 'useless', or 'no good', and is utilized almost as a direct replacement for だめ.
    な will pair with the standard negative form of any verb, before adding あかん straight after it. な itself in this structure is an abbreviation of the auxiliary verb ない, in which い has been omitted. なあかん can be translated as 'must do (A)', but more literally is 'not doing (A) is no good'.
    • 野菜(やさい)ちゃんと()べなあかんで。
      You have to eat your vegetables too.
    • そういえば今日(きょう)祖母(ばあ)ちゃん(いえ)()かなあかんかったやん。
      By the way, I had to go to my grandma's house today.
    • あんたもう中学生(ちゅうがくせい)なんやから、家事(かじ)手伝(てつだ)せなあかんよ。
      Because you are already in middle school, you have to help out with chores.
    • 来週(らいしゅう)()キャンプ(じょう)(まわ)コンビニとかあらへんから自分(じぶん)たち()(もの)とか()ってこなあかんで。
      There is nothing like convenience stores around the campsite we are going to next week, so you'll have to bring things such as food on your own.
    As with many other grammar points, する will appear slightly differently in 関西弁(かんさいべん) when partnered with なあかん. The most common form that する will be seen in is せなあかん. せ is the negative base of する in Kansai dialect, followed by な (rather than the customary へん).
    • まだまだ練習(れんしゅう)せなあかんな。
      I still have to keep practicing.
    • 子供(こども)ああいう(こと)したらちゃんと注意(ちゅうい)せなあかん
      When your kid does something like that, you have to warn them about it.
    Fun Fact
    More correctly, な is an abbreviation of なければ, the hypothetical form of ない that has been paired with the conjunction particle ば. However, in standard speech, なあかん can realistically replace any obligatory negative structure, not just なければ.




      You have to eat everything.


      I have to finish my homework by tomorrow morning.


      No! No, no, no. You cannot get in from here. You have to get on from there.


      Doctor told me that I have to drink the medicine everyday.


      I have to clean my room quickly.

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