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N4 Lesson 5: 15/20

Completely, exactly, right

(っ) + [い]Adjective[
(っ) + Noun

+ ま(*)・な(*):

+ か(*)・さ(*)・しゃ(*):

+ は(*)(**):

あおい →
あかい →

(*) column in the kana chart
(**) H sound becomes P sound
Register Standard
使用域 一般
The prefix ま, coming from the kanji 真(ま) (true), is attached to words in Japanese to express that something is ‘completely’, ‘exactly’, ‘genuinely’ (A). Depending on the word that follows 真(ま), several different conjugation patterns will be used. This conjugation depends on which column the first kana of the word after 真(ま)comes from. ま comes from the ま, み, む, め, も column, for example.
When linked with a ま column, or な column word, 真(ま) will become 真(ま)ん.
  • この猫(ねこ)真(ま)ん丸(まる)していかわい
    This cat is completely circular and cute. (This cat is so fat that it is cute)
  • 真(ま)ん中(なか)ある本(ほん)とってください
    Please take the book in the middle.
When linked with a か column, さ column, or しゃ sound word, 真(ま) will become 真(ま)っ.
  • 体(からだ)真(ま)っ赤(か)になるくらい お風呂(ふろ)熱(あつ)かった
    The bath was so hot that my body went completely red.
  • サル木(き)から真(ま)っ逆(さか)さまに落(お)ち
    The monkey fell completely upside down from the tree.
  • 道(みち)雪(ゆき)真(ま)っ白(しろ)になっ
    The road turned completely white with snow.
When linked with a は column, 真(ま) will become 真(ま)っ, and the first kana of the following word will change to a ‘P’ sound.
  • ちょっと、何(なん)で真(ま)っ裸(ぱだか)なの
    Wait, why are you completely naked?
  • 真(ま)っ昼間(ぴるま)からこんな話(はな)する
    You are going to talk about this in the middle of the day? (Are you seriously going to talk about something like this in the middle of the day?)
There are several exceptions to the standard changes that happen when using 真(ま) as a prefix. These are as follows.
When linked with 青(あお)い, 真(ま) will become 真(ま)っ, and 青(あお)い will become 青(さお).
  • 空(そら)真(ま)っ青(さお)できれい
    The sky is completely blue and beautiful.
When linked with 赤(あか)い, 真(ま) will become 真(ま)っ, and 赤(あか)い will become 赤(か).
  • 顔(かお)真(ま)っ赤(か)になってる、大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)?
    Your face is completely red, are you okay?
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There was a deer right in the middle of the road.
Please go (exactly) straight down this street.
He cut the bamboo right in two with a sword.
[Exactly in two parts]
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