N1 Lesson 8: 8/17
さぞ さぞ


you must be very
how … you must be
I dare to say
I am sure/certain that you must be very

⚠ sometimes used with ことと思う、ことと存じる、に間違いない

Structure Legend
さぞ + (かし)+ Phrase + (こと)+ だろう
さぞ is an old-fashioned expression meaning “no doubt”, “indeed”, or “very”, and is used together with (こと)だろう and similar phrases to state conjecture about another person state of mind, usually to express sympathy and compassion. Rarely used in daily life, more of a written expression that is used in letters and so on.

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The night shift must be very tough. | How tough the night shift work must be!

A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar : Page 678