N1 Lesson 9: 12/17
に難くない にかたくない


Not hard to
Not difficult to
Easy to
Is obvious that

Structure Legend
the most common variant:
想像 + (する) + に難くない

less common variants:
予想 + (する) + に難くない
察する + に難くない
理解 + (する) + に難くない
推測 + (する) + に難くない
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(A) に難くない is a formal phrase that means taking situation/context into account it is “not hard” to imagine/guess or understand something. It is only used with a limited number of expressions, among which the most common is 想像. Less common than that are 予想、察する、理解 and 推測.

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It is not hard to imagine the awe that the pyramids likely inspired in the ancients.
Phrase + だろう/であろう + (という) + ことは/のは + A + に難くない is a common pattern

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