Bunpro Pricing

  • Can I try it before subscribing?

    Yes! Just by signing up, you will automatically get full access to everything Bunpro has to offer for 30 days. No credit card required!

  • What does Bunpro Cost?

    Once your free 30 day trial is complete, you can choose from one of the options below to continue your Japanese studies.

  • Why should I subscribe?

    With Bunpro, you will finally be able to reproduce the Japanese grammar you are studying, not just recognize it. Normal flashcards do not test your true knowledge of the grammar point. Bunpro does. Some of the unique features that set Bunpro apart from other study methods include:
    • Manual-input SRS to test your grammar knowledge.
    • Multiple example sentences that utilize previously learned grammar.
    • Review questions that change as you progress, quizzing you in new and unique contexts.
    • Links to great, free online resources to deepen your understanding of each grammar point.
    • Page numbers from a variety of textbooks so that you can follow along no matter your method of study.
    • The ability to take notes and create your own study questions all in one place.
  • What does a subscription include?

    The full version of the site is available to subscribers and includes:
    • All of Bunpro's example sentences.
    • Bunpro's SRS system to review those sentences.
    • The ability to add your own notes and study questions.
    • All future updates and additions.
  • What if I choose not subscribe after my free trial?

    Bunpro "lite", a free version of Bunpro, is still an excellent grammar resource. You will still be able to view each grammar point's meaning and structure, a limited number of example sentences and all of the reference links and textbook page numbers.