Vocab Info

N2 する Noun


freebie (e.g. with a purchase), something additional, bonus, an extra, price reduction, discount, exaggeration


    • Pitch Accent

    • Anime Top 93,200

    • Word Type

      する Noun

    • 単語の書類





      When I bought a tuna at the fish market, I got shrimp as a freebie.

      • N2


      Advertisement: 'If you buy two or more of the targeted items, you'll get this for free!'

      • N2


      The lady at the local candy store is famous for always giving away extra treats.

      • N2


      With the hope that our customers will become regulars, we have included a discount.

      • N2


      I tried hard to negotiate with the shop owner, but they wouldn't lower the price. However, they gave me a concession.

      • N2
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