Vocab Info

N1 Pre-noun Adjectival


what kind, what sort


    • General Top 300

    • Word Type

      Pre-noun Adjectival

    • 単語の書類





      Mother: "What kind of game are you playing?" Daughter: "It's an RPG!" {what kind, what sort}

      • N1


      Husband: "What kind of smell is this?" Wife: "It's the smell of lavender." {what kind, what sort}

      • N1


      Customer: "What sort of advantages does this investment have?" Banker: "There are many. For example..." {what kind, what sort}

      • N1


      Without a translator, I wouldn't know what kind of dishes I can eat in this restaurant. {what kind, what sort}

      • N1


      The bosses are whispering to each other, but I have no idea what kind or sort of thing they are talking about. {what kind, what sort}

      • N1
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