Vocab Info

N2 Noun


errand, mission, going as envoy, messenger, bearer, errand boy, errand girl, familiar spirit, use, usage, user, trainer, tamer, charmer


    • Pitch Accent

    • Novels Top 2,200

    • Word Type


    • 単語の書類





      I'm going shopping for my mother's errands.

      • N2


      The messenger from the neighboring king came to deliver a letter.

      • N2


      The fox is considered to be a messenger of the Inari God, the deity of agriculture.

      • N2


      An envoy from another country suddenly appeared, so we are increasing our vigilance.

      • N2


      I'm very busy today because in addition to being asked by my parents to go to the supermarket for their errands, I was also asked to clean.

      • N2
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