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N3 る-Verb


to divide (into), to split (into), to part, to separate, to divide up, to classify, to sort out, to divide out, to share, to distribute, to deal out, to dish out, to distinguish, to discriminate, to differentiate (between), to break up (a fight), to mediate, to call a draw, to tie, to push one's way through (a crowd), to sell


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      To watch a movie in two parts, dividing it into the first half and the second half.

      • N3


      In the past, it was trendy to part the hair with a 70:30 ratio.

      • N3


      I decided to pay for the latest dishwasher, which costs 100,000 yen, in five installments.

      • N3


      I decided to share the large amount of persimmons I received as a gift from my boss with the people in the neighboring house.

      • N3


      I searched desperately, separating the grass roots, and found the ring that had slipped off my finger.

      • N2
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