Vocab Info

A1 る-Verb


to make (someone) do, to allow (someone) to


    • Pitch Accent

    • Novels Top 63,800

    • Word Type


    • 単語の書類





      My husband is making our child study. {to make (someone) do, to allow (someone) to}

      • N1


      I let the child eat as much as they liked and they ended up gaining weight. {to make (someone) do, to allow (someone) to}

      • N1


      My parents made me take the medical school entrance exam, but I ultimately did not pass. {to make (someone) do, to allow (someone) to}

      • N1


      Employee: "Boss, I'm sorry, but I'd like you to allow me to quit this month." {to make (someone) do, to allow (someone) to}

      • N1


      If you are going to make/allow your dog to go for a walk in the hot summer, it needs to be done either early in the morning or at night. {to make (someone) do, to allow (someone) to}

      • N1
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