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N4 う-verb


to go to and from (a place), to go back and forth between, to run between (e.g. bus, train, etc.), to ply between, to go to (school, work, etc.), to attend, to commute, to frequent, to circulate (e.g. blood, electricity), to be communicated (e.g. thought), to resemble


    • Pitch Accent

    • General Top 1,200

    • Word Type


    • 単語の書類





      He and his pet dog seem to understand each other well.

      • N4


      What do you use to go to school?

      • N4


      My father drives from Tokyo to Kamakura every morning to work.

      • N4


      She and I happened to attend the same elementary, middle and high schools.

      • N3


      It took a long time for me to become close with my cat, but I believe it was worth it.

      • N3
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