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Possibility, To have, With



    About あり

    あり itself is the literary form of the う-Verb ()る 'to be', and is used in a similar way to なし. However, rather than meaning that something is 'without (A)', it shows that something is 'with (A), amongst other things'. This 'amongst other things' is important, as あり will primarily be used when something is being presented as a single possibility among many possibilities.
    • ラーメンもありじゃない?
      Ramen is possible, isn't it?
    • 駐車場(ちゅうしゃじょう)ありのホテルを()っておいてください。
      Please book a hotel with a parking lot.
    • 字幕(じまく)()()たいから字幕(じまく)つけてもらえない?
      I want to watch it with subtitles, so could you please turn it on?
    あり can be and often is used simply as a reply to a statement to indicate agreement, or that the listener thinks that what the speaker is saying is possible.
    • 鈴木(すずき)先輩(せんぱい):「来週(らいしゅう)BBQも()じゃない?」浜崎(はまざき)くん: 「めっちゃありです。」
      Suzuki senpai: 'Don't you think a BBQ would be a good option next week?' Hamazaki-kun: 'That is totally possible.'
    Caution - Occasionally, the kanji ()る may sometimes also be used. Although the difference between these two kanji is slight, ()り indicates 'inclusiveness as part of a whole', while ()り focuses more on 'stand-alone existence'.




      If we're going to hang out, a theme park is also a possibility.


      I wanna have some kind of animal. Even a cat is a possibility.


      The aquarium is also a possibility for tomorrow's date, right?


      Let's go to a restaurant with a kids menu.


      I am starving… Even something like katsu-don or a gyu-don would be a possibility.

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