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about, or more, over, starts at

Number + Counter + からする
Number + Counter + からする + Noun
Number + Counter + から + Noun
Number + Counter + からします
Number + Counter + からする + Noun
Number + Counter + から + Noun
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からする is a slightly formal grammar pattern in Japanese that appears after some kind of number or counter in order to indicate a minimum from which an estimation is being made. It will generally be translated as 'about (A)', '(A) or more', or 'starting at (A)'.
This structure is a combination of the case-marking particle から, and the special verb する. It has quite a literal meaning in that a number is 'going from (A)', where (A) is the start point and the speaker doesn't know the exact amount.
  • その靴(くつ)買(か)ったの?それって15万(まん)からするやつでしょ?やばいね。
    You bought those shoes? Those are the ones that cost 150,000 yen or more, aren't they? That's nuts.
  • この辺(へん)だと家賃(やちん)は15万(まん)からする
    Around here, rent costs 150,000 yen or more.
  • 父(ちち)から300万円(まんえん)からする時計(とけい)をもらった。
    I received a watch that costs 3,000,000 yen or more from my father.
In addition to からする, からの may be used with the same meaning. However, unlike する, because の must attach directly to a second noun, からの is a bit more limited in the way it will be used.
  • この商品(しょうひん)を製造(せいぞう)するには、1億(おく)からのお金(かね)がかかる。
    In order to manufacture this product, it will cost 100 million yen or more.
  • 昨日(きのう)の大地震(だいじしん)で10人(にん)からの人(ひと)が行方不明(ゆくえふめい)になった。
    10 or more people have gone missing due to the big earthquake that happened yesterday.
Due to からする being used for giving an estimation, it has a tendency to only appear when the number or amount of something is quite large, and the speaker is emphasizing that the actual number cannot be guessed. Because of this, it may sound quite unnatural when used with small numbers.
  • 105円(えん)からするライトを買(か)ったらすぐ壊(こわ)れた。
    When I bought a light that went from 105 yen, it broke immediately. (Unnatural Japanese)
からする tends to be used most frequently in regard to money, while からの will be used when referring to people and other general amounts. In the case of things like weight, size, or distance, からある, another similar structure will be used. からある will be covered in its own grammar point.
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This neighborhood is awfully expensive. The rent is around 100,000 yen or more.
Traveling 500 kilometers or more by car is tiring.
I heard that over 100,000 people gathered at the stadium.
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