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Noun + ぐるみ
Noun + ぐるみ + + Noun


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About ぐるみで

When following nouns, the suffix ぐるみ 'including (A)', 'all over (A)', or '(A) wide' is used to express that something encompasses absolutely all of (A). ぐるみ stem from the う-Verb (くる)む, meaning 'to wrap', or 'to encompass'. In many cases, the case marking particle で will follow ぐるみ to mark 'with', but の may also be seen when preceding a second noun.
  • 毎年(まいとし)家族(かぞく)ぐるみで初詣(はつもうで)()きます。
    I go to Hatsumode with my entire family every year.
  • 会社(かいしゃ)ぐるみで違法(いほう)取引(とりひき)をしていたので、社員(しゃいん)全員(ぜんいん)逮捕(たいほ)された。
    All the employees were arrested because the entire company was doing illegal business.
  • (かれ)とは家族(かぞく)ぐるみの()()いです。
    Our family is friends with him and his whole family. (He is a family friend)
  • (まち)ぐるみの治安(ちあん)をよくするために、町内会(ちょうないかい)(ひと)たちが毎晩(まいばん)パトロールをしています。
    In order to improve the security of the entire town, people from the neighborhood association patrol the area every night.
ぐるみ is most frequently seen following words that specify a whole 'group' or 'span' to which the topic of the sentence is only one part of. This could be one member of a family, one home within a neighborhood, one student within a school, or any other number of things that share a clearly identifiable link.
Despite this, the primary nuance will always be that the group itself shares a common trait, rather than focusing on any individual part.




    'Our family is acquaintances with Tomo and her entire family.'


    The false labeling of food products was a company-wide practice. A single employee should not be blamed.


    Local government website: 'In XX Prefecture we were able to reduce the amount of garbage by 50% through region-wide efforts to combat climate change.'


    Local government website: 'A city-wide annual event, 'Garbage Collecting' will be held on Saturday, October 10.'


    Scam, Scammer: 'Hello, Grandma? It's me!'
    Takeshi's grandmother: 'Takeshi? What's wrong?'
    Scammer: 'Yes, it's me. I was ripped off for everything I had by bad people. Could you bring me some money?'

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