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Like that, Kind of


こういう + Noun
そういう + Noun
ああいう + Noun
どういう + Noun


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About そういう

Coming from the こそあど言葉(ことば) family of words, こう, そう, ああ, or どう may be used with the verb ()う to form an expression which literally means 'in the way of (A)'. (A) being 'this' これ, 'that' それ, 'that over there' あれ, or 'what' どれ (in questions). As with all pre-noun adjectival words, this expression will be used directly before a noun.
  • こういう映画(えいが)(はじ)()
    This is my first time watching a movie like this. (This 'kind' of movie)
  • そういう(ひと)(きら)
    I don't like people like that. (That 'kind' of people)
  • ああいう(くるま)()てみたい
    I want to try to drive a car like that one. (That 'kind' of car)
  • あなたどういう音楽(おんがく)()ます
    What kind of music do you listen to?
Although こう, そう, ああ, and どう share a relationship with これ, それ, あれ, and どれ, they are their own individual words, which each have a meaning similar to 'as such'. These words are all adverb when used by themselves.
そう (the adverb), should not be confused with そう, the auxiliary verb. そう (the adverb) comes from the kanji (), while the auxiliary verb does not have a kanji form.




    There are also people like that (you know).


    What do you mean? (Literally - What kind of meaning?)


    I like erasers like that one over there.


    I want a doll like this.


    I have to do this kind of job.

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