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N4 Lesson 5: 4/20


Such a・Kind of, Something like ~


そんな + Noun, こんな + Noun, あんな + Noun, どんな + Noun


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About そんな・こんな・あんな・どんな

One of the most common ways to convey that something is 'like' something else in casual conversation, is through the use of そんな, こんな, あんな, or どんな (when asking a question). These are not officially words themselves, but are abbreviations that come from そのような, このような, あのような, and どのような.
To use this casual expression, simply say it directly before the noun that you are describing, or enquiring about.
  • そんな()(かた)てはいけません
    You should not phrase it like that.
  • こんな(たか)ものはもらない
    I can't accept a gift this expensive.
  • あんな大人(おとな)なりたくない
    I don't want to become an adult like that.
  • どんな(くつ)()しい
    What kind of shoes do you want?
Because these abbreviations originally come from a longer (more formal) variation, that form may also be used in situations where you would like to sound a little bit more polite.
  • そのような商品(しょうひん)ないです
    We don't have a product like that.
  • このような場合(ばあい)どうすればいいです
    What should we do in a situation like this?
  • あのような運転(うんてん)ないでください
    Please do not drive like that.
  • どのような商品(しょうひん)(さが)です
    What kind of product are you looking for?




    Tatami mats like these are generally easy to sleep on. (close to speaker)


    A parking lot like that (over there) is hard to use. (far from both speaker and listener)


    A skill such as that is rare. (close to listener)


    Could you not say such things please. (Close to listener)


    What kind of car is good?

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そんな・こんな・あんな・どんな – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (4 in total)

  • Pablunpro



    This is what I have in my notes on the そういう grammar:

    "In speech it’s not much different than こんな そんな 、or あんな (which are informal forms of このような そのような 、and あのような ) ".

    This is directly taken from the second resource listed in that grammar point, ELI5: How to use こういう/そういう/ああいう/どういう. : r/LearnJapanese (


  • soundjona


    Is there a way during reviews to now when to use そういう or そうな ? Some sentences just have the same english translation and it’s not really clear how to know which one Bunpro expect.

  • Fuga


    Hey @soundjona !

    Although そんな (こんな/あんな/どんな) is an abbreviation of そのような, (このような/あのような/どのような), it is used almost interchangeably with そういう/こういう/ああいう/どうゆう.

    Because of this we provide a hint when the other grammar point is used instead of counting the answer as incorrect.

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