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N2 Lesson 3: 23/23


(Please) do!, Ask to, Beg to, (Order somebody to do something)



Verb[ます+ たまえ


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About たまえ

Originally coming from the う-Verb (たま)う 'to give', or 'to bestow', the imperative form たまえ may be seen attached to the ます-stem of verbs, in order to create a light order. It is often translated simply as 'please do (A)'.
Despite this, たまえ is a structure that is only used to someone of lower status than the speaker, and primarily only by men. This 'lower status relationship' is usually one that is obvious between both the speaker and the listener, such as a boss and subordinate.
  • まあまあ、とりあえず(すわ)たまえ
    Well, please, take a seat.
  • (なに)()いたそうな(かお)をしている(きみ)(かんが)えてる(こと)()たまえ
    You look like you want to say something! Please say what you are thinking!
  • 遠慮(えんりょ)せずどんどん()たまえ
    Please eat as much as you want without holding back.
Fun-fact - In the past, たまえ was sometimes used to ask for favors or for wishes to be granted in prayers. However, this use will primarily only be seen in books in the modern era.
  • (われ)らに(つみ)をおかす(もの)を、(われ)らがゆるすごとく、(われ)らの(つみ)をもゆるしたまえ
    Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.




    Study! (bossy command)


    Angry boss: 'Before you do something, think a little first!' (bossy command)


    Boss: 'Finish this by tomorrow.' (bossy command)


    A: 'What did he say?' B: 'He said: 'I am fed up with you. Leave my company at once!'' (bossy command)


    In the office: 'Next person, come in.' (bossy command)

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