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To do in advance, To do for, To unfortunately do


Verb[ておく]+ とく
Verb[てあげる]+ たる
Verb[てしまった]+ てもうた
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関西弁(かんさいべん) has abbreviations or alterations for several of the standard Japanese expressions that interact with the て form of verbs. Each of these behave in the same way as their counterparts:
とく - Replaces ておく (to do something in advance)
たる - Replaces てあげる (to so something for someone else)
てまう - Replaces てしまう (to do something completely/without realizing)
Both とく and たる will replace the て in whatever verb they appear with. However, まう will appear after て, in the same way as しまう.
  • 洗濯機(せんたっき)洗濯物(せんたくもの)入(い)れとくから後(あと)で干(ほ)しといて
    I'm going to load the washing machine with laundry, so can you hang them up later?
  • 玄関(げんかん)ゴミ置(お)いとくから買(か)い物(もの)行(い)くついでにゴミ出(だ)しといて
    I'm going to leave the trash by the door, so can you take it out when you go shopping?
  • 今日(きょう)欲(ほ)しいものなんでも買(か)ったる
    Today, I am going to buy you anything you want.
  • 俺(おれ)がおごったるから好(す)きなもん頼(たの)み
    I'm going to pay for your meal, so order whatever you like.
  • やばい、二度(にど)寝(ね)してもうた
    Shoot, I went back to sleep.
  • 赤(あか)ちゃん起(お)きてまうから静(しず)かといて
    You are going to wake the baby, so please keep quiet.
Fun Fact
たる may appear to have nothing to do with てあげる, but this is simply because たる is an abbreviation/sound shift of てやる (the casual form of てあげる). However, because てやる is not often used in modern Japanese, たる is often likened to てあげる instead (despite てあげる not being its origin). Abbreviations are regularly created this way in Japanese, with the first and last sounds of two mora (kana syllables) creating one new sound. てお (from ておく) becomes と, and てや (from てやる) becomes た.
Fun Fact
In 関西弁(かんさいべん), there is actually a direct abbreviation of てあげる in the form of たげる. However, this is not used as often たる (the abbreviation of てやる).
  • 私(わたし)空港(くうこう)まで送(おく)ったげる
    I'll take you to the airport.
  • 焼肉(やきにく)連(つ)れてってくれるなら、引(ひ)っ越(こ)しを手伝(てつだ)ったげる
    If you are going to take me to yakiniku, I will help you move.
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Before a test, I sleep well.
[in advance]
I will teach you how to study every day.
for you
I will teach you how to play soccer.
[for you]

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