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Just wait and see, Just you wait, To do a favor, For you, Definitely, For sure


Verb[て] + やる


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About ~てやる

The う-Verb やる, occasionally seen in the kanji form ()る, primarily means ‘to do’, but can also mean ‘to give’ as the casual form of あげる. When attached to the て-form of verbs, it acts as a subsidiary verb. When substituting for あげる, it will often sound patronizing, or that the speaker is doing an action because it is unavoidable, and the person they are doing it for cannot do it themselves. This will be translated as ‘to do for’.
  • いいよいいよ、(おれ)がやってやるからお(まえ)()とけ。
    Don’t worry about it, I’ll do it for you, so just watch.
  • 今夜(こんや)(おれ)(おご)てやるから、どんどん()きなもん(たの)めばいいからな。
    I’m going to pay for you, so don’t hesitate and order whatever you want.
In other cases, やる acts more like ()せる ‘to show’, and indicates the speaker’s strong will to perform an action. In these cases, it will be translated as ‘I will do (A), just wait and see’, or ‘I’ll definitely do (A)’.
  • 絶対(ぜったい)奇麗(きれい)になって見返(みかえ)てやる
    I am going to become pretty and prove them wrong, just wait!
  • こうなったら()てやるしかないだろ。
    Well, in a situation like this there is no other choice but to win!
However, in either the place of あげる or みせる, the underlying meaning is just ‘to do’, with emphasis on the doer being the person that is in power over the result of the action due to their superiority.




    The macho protagonist in an action movie: 'I'm gonna kill you!'


    The situation of not being able to go to the school one wants to, due to money problems: 'I will get rich, just you wait!'


    After being ridiculed for a low score: 'I will definitely score 100 on the next test and prove I'm better than that dude, just you wait!'


    'I will surely pass, just wait and see!'


    Child A: 'Let's race from here to there!'
    Child B: 'Okay! I'll win!'

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