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N2 Lesson 8: 1/22


Natural, As a matter of course


Verb[て]+ 当然(とうぜん) +
[い]Adjective[て]+ 当然(とうぜん) +
[な]Adjective + + 当然(とうぜん) +


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About て当然だ

当然(とうぜん) is a commonly used expression which indicates that '(A) is natural', or '(A) is a matter of course'. This is a combination of the て-form of either verbs of い-Adjectives (or で when used with nouns), the noun 当然(とうぜん) 'naturally', and だ.
  • あんな生意気(なまいき)なやつは(きら)われ当然(とうぜん)
    It is only natural that a cocky person like that is hated.
  • このスープは(おれ)(つく)ったものだから、美味(おい)しく当然(とうぜん)
    I am the one that made this soup so, of course it is delicious.
  • このビルは先月(せんげつ)()てられたばかりだから、綺麗(きれい)当然(とうぜん)
    This building was only built last month, so of course it is beautiful.
当然(とうぜん) is a fairly strong phrase, and will often be used when pointing out things that the speaker considers to be obvious facts.



  • 彼女(かのじょ)はみんなに迷惑(めいわく)ばかりかけているから、(きら)われ当然(とうぜん)

    Because she is always causing everyone trouble, of course she is hated.

    • そんなに()べたら、(ふと)当然(とうぜん)

      If you eat like that, of course you will get fat.

      • 彼女(かのじょ)(やさ)しいから、()かれ当然(とうぜん)

        Because she is nice, of course she is liked.

        • アイデアがいいから、人気(にんき)があっ当然(とうぜん)

          Because the idea is good, it is natural that it would be popular.

          • アクセントが完璧(かんぺき)だから、ネイティブと間違(まちが)えられ当然(とうぜん)です

            Because your accent is perfect, it is natural that you would be mistaken for a native.

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            て当然だ – Grammar Discussion

            Most Recent Replies (2 in total)

            • benuidede


              does “Verb[ ]” mean て-form ? If so, I think there is a problem with the sentence
              Is there one too many て or is it a contraction of 出ていて ? I’m asking since there is no other example sentence that uses ていて当然だ, including on japanesetest4you

            • mrnoone



              Yes, it is contraction from ていて.

              I have added non contracted forms as alternative answers.


              I changed it to あって当然 because it sounds more natural in this case

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