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N1 Lesson 1: 6/17


Even (if), Although, Even though


Verb + いえど
Noun + いえど
[な]Adjective + () + いえど
[い]Adjective + いえど


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About といえども

といえども is a combination of the case-marking particle と, the hypothetical form of ()う, ()え, and the conjunction particle ども, which is used in much the same way as けれども, or ても. Due to this, despite the more literal translation of 'even if one were to say (A)', it is usually translated simply as 'even if (A)', or 'although (A)'.
といえども will be seen following nouns, い-Adjectives, or verbs in any of their standard form.
  • いくらお(かね)(こま)っているといえども闇金(やみきん)には絶対(ぜったい)()()さないよ。
    Even if I was really troubled about money, there is no way I would turn to a loan shark.
  • (まえ)一回(いっかい)成功(せいこう)したといえども毎回(まいかい)一回(いっかい)成功(せいこう)できる(わけ)ではない。
    Even though we were able to succeed before on our first try, that doesn't mean that we can succeed in one try every time.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)がどれだけ(やさ)しいといえども、そんなことばかりやってたら(わか)れられるぞ。
    Even though she is super nice, if you keep doing such things she is going to break up with you.
  • たとえ犯罪者(はんざいしゃ)といえども動物(どうぶつ)みたいに(あつか)ってはいけない。
    Even if they are criminals, you must not treat them like animals.
といえども may also follow な-Adjectives, but だ will precede といえども in these cases.
  • 運転(うんてん)上手(じょうず)といえども、シートベルトは(かなら)着用(ちゃくよう)しなくてはならない。
    Even if you are good at driving, you must wear a seatbelt.
  • いくら有名(ゆうめい)といえども、なんでも()勝手(かって)やっていいと()うことではない。
    Even if you are famous, it doesn't mean that you can just do whatever you wish.
Despite the nuance being slightly different, といえども can be thought of as a very old-fashioned way of saying といっても. Due to といえども being old-fashioned, it is often used for emphasis and will frequently be paired with expressions like いくら, いかに, どんなに, etc.
Fun Fact
Although very rarely used, sometimes いえども is seen as (いえど)も. In these cases the kanji (いえど), which means 'however', is simply paired with も. This creates a slight difference between 'however even (A)', and the more modern 'even if one were to say (A)'. Despite this, the meanings are used interchangeably in modern times.




    During an operation you cannot lose focus, not even for a second.


    There are also opinions that one should not shoot a hoodlum, even in self-defense.


    Even when taking losses during a recession our company pays salaries without delay.


    Even a prisoner can leave prison from time to time.


    Even though Hijikata is incredible, he is no match for Sugimoto.

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