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N1 Lesson 9: 10/20


Although, But, Although I say, Although it is said, Having said that


Verb + ()ものの + Phrase
[い]Adjective + 言う()ものの + Phrase
[な]Adjective + ()+ ()ものの + Phrase
Noun + ()+ ()ものの + Phrase
Phrase (A)。()ものの + Phrase (B)


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About とは言うものの

とは()うものの is a set expression that may be used after most types of words, it is a combination of と as a case-marking particle, は as an adverbial particle, the う-Verb ()う, and the conjunction particle ものの 'although'. Its literal translation of 'although it is said that (A), (B)' is the same as how it will usually be interpreted in English.
When used after either nouns or な-Adjectives, だ will precede とは()うものの.
  • なんでも頑張(がんば)れば(かなら)ずできるようになるとはいうものの、どれだけ頑張(がんば)ってもできないことはある。
    Although it is said that you will be able to do something if you try your best, there are things that can't be done no matter how much you try.
  • (いま)(はたら)いている会社(かいしゃ)給料(きゅうりょう)はいいとはいうものの、お(かね)使(つか)時間(じかん)がない。
    Although the pay at my current company is good, I don't have any time to use my money.
  • スマホは便利(べんり)というものの使(つか)(かた)がわからないとスマホの便利(べんり)さをしれきれない。
    Although it is said that smartphones are useful, if you don't know how to use them, you can't fully appreciate their usefulness.
  • (かれ)学生(がくせい)というものの、バイトばかりしていて勉強(べんきょう)についていけていない。
    Although he is a student, he is falling behind with his studies because he works a lot.
This phrase may also be used at the beginning of sentences when acknowledging a statement that was made, but then pointing out that there is other important information as well. In all cases, the (B) phrase that comes after ものの will be considered the important or defining detail.



  • 数学(すうがく)時間(じかん)無駄(むだ)とは()ものの、やはり基本(きほん)()価値(かち)だってある

    Although it is said that math is a waste of time, actually, learning the basics still has its value.

    • (かれ)ホラー作家(さっか)として()られているとは()ものの傑作(けっさく)()えるものは1982(ねん)出版(しゅっぱん)された犯罪(はんざい)小説(しょうせつ)だ。

      Although he is known as a horror author, what can be called his masterpiece is actually a crime novel that was published in 1982.

      • チェコの「ストラホフ・スタジアム」は「世界(せかい)最大(さいだい)スポーツスタジアム」とは()ものの実際(じっさい)にはスポーツ目的(もくてき)にはほとんど使(つか)われていない。

        Although the Czech 'Strahov Stadium' is said to be the 'world's largest sports stadium', in practice it is hardly used for sports purposes.

        • このカフェ人気(にんき)(たか)とは()ものの実際(じっさい)には()(ひと)()(ところ)だ。

          Although I say that this coffeehouse is popular, actually that's limited to the people that know the place.

          知る人ぞ知る is a set phrase meaning that something is only known among the few people that are 'in the know'.

          • それは「人工(じんこう)知能(ちのう)とは()もののまだ知能(ちのう)」というよりも「コンピューター」に(ちか)ものだ。

            Although that is called 'artificial intelligence', it is still closer to a 'computer' than actual 'intelligence'.

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