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N1 Lesson 9: 9/20

には(およ)ばない ②

To be no match (for), To not compare (with), To fall short (of), To not reach, Cannot win with, To be out of reach (for), To not be on par (with)


Noun + には(1) + (およ)ない

Set expression:
Noun + 足元(あしもと)にも(およ)ない



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About には及ばない②

As mentioned in the には(およ)ばない grammar point lesson as a polite expression, には(およ)ばない may simply show the extent of something. This is usually when a comparison is being made between two things. This pattern is a combination of the case-marking marking particle に, the adverbial particle は, and the negated form of the う-Verb (およ)ぶ 'to reach', (およ)ばない. The literal translation is 'it does not extend to (A)'.
This nuance of the phrase will appear after nouns. In this comparative use, the structure may also be translated as 'to be no match for (A)', 'to fall short of (A)', 'to not be on par with (A)'.
  • この(うみ)沖縄(おきなわ)(うみ)には(およ)ばないが、結構(けっこう)綺麗(きれい)だ。
    This beach is no match for the beaches in Okinawa, but it is quite beautiful.
  • あの一流(いちりゅう)レストランの(あじ)には(およ)ばないが、かなり()ている。
    The taste is no match for that top-notch restaurant, but it is very similar.
  • (かれ)はものすごくギターが上手(うま)いが、布袋(ほてい)寅泰(ともやす)には(およ)ばない
    He is very good at playing the guitar, but he is no match for Hotei Tomoyasu.
には(およ)ばない will be used most frequently when (A) is something that is being given extremely high praise. As such, set combinations like (A) 足元(あしもと)には(およ)ばない 'to not even reach the feet of (A)' will often be seen.
  • どれだけ頑張(がんば)っても、青木(あおき)先輩(せんぱい)足元(あしもと)には(およ)ばない
    No matter how hard I try, I am no match for Aoki senpai.



  • ()までもなく真作(しんさく)には(およ)ばないでしょうが、いい贋作(がんさく)です。

    Needless to say, it is no match for the original. Even still, it is a good forgery.

    • 物理学(ぶつりがく)では、とてもアルバートには(およ)ばない。」

      'I am no match for Albert in physics.'

      • 続編(ぞくへん)立派(りっぱ)なものの、(あき)らかに最初(さいしょ)映画(えいが)には(およ)ばない

        Even though the sequel is splendid, it is clearly not on par with the first movie.

        • 小説(しょうせつ):「はるこの嗅覚(きゅうかく)は、(いぬ)には(およ)ばないが、普通(ふつう)人間(にんげん)のよりはるかにすぐれている。」

          Novel: 'Haruko's sense of smell was no match for a dog's. However, it was far better than an ordinary human's.'

          • どんな練習(れんしゅう)してもさいたま先生(せんせい)足元(あしもと)にも(およ)ばない。」

            'No matter how much I train, I am no match for Saitama-sensei.'

            This is a set expression literally meaning 'to not reach someone's feet'. It's similar to the English 'to not hold a candle (to)'.

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