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As if (to say), Seeming that

ばっかり, ばっか, ばかし, and ばっかし are all fairly common casual variations of ばかり


Quote + ばかり(に)
Noun +()+ ばかり(に)


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About とばかり(に)

とばかり is a construction that is often used to show that something is being done 'as if to say (A)', or 'seeming that (A)'. It is a combination of the case-marking particle と in its 'quotation' use, and the adverbial particle ばかり, exhibiting that something is 'basically exactly as described'. Due to this, とばかり simply indicates that while (A) is as described, it is not literally the case.
とばかり can appear after almost any word, as the と is creating a quote. に will often follow ばかり when the sentence is going on to describe what is actually happening.
  • 中田(なかた)選手(せんしゅ)のバランスが(くず)れたので、斉藤(さいとう)選手(せんしゅ)はチャンスとばかりに中田(なかた)選手(せんしゅ)(ふと)ももを()った。
    Since Nakata's balance was disrupted, Saito, seeing it as a chance, kicked Nakata's thigh.
  • うちのわんちゃんが「()ってました」とばかりに尻尾(しっぽ)()って友達(ともだち)()びついた。
    Our dog wagged his tail and jumped onto my friend as if to say 'I have been waiting'.
  • 先生(せんせい)が「(おれ)(はなし)()いてるか」とばかりに生徒(せいと)たちを(にら)みつけた。
    The teacher stared at the students as if to say 'Are you listening to me'.
とばかりに is an abbreviation of ()わんばかり 'to only just not be at the point where (A) is said', which itself will still be seen quite often.
  • (はや)くしろ()わんばかりに上司(じょうし)何回(なんかい)も「まだ?」って()いてきた。
    My boss repeatedly asked me, 'Are you done?' as if to say 'hurry up'.
  • つまらない()わんばかり(かお)でみられたから、(はな)すのをやめた。
    They were looking at me as if they were bored, so I stopped talking.
In this case, ()わん is an abbreviation of ()わぬ, making use of the classical auxiliary verb ぬ used for negation.
As とばかりに will be used to describe the way that something 'looks like it is about to say', it won't be used for describing the speaker themselves. However, it may occasionally be seen being used about the speaker if the sentence is in third person.



    小説(しょうせつ):「 なかなか()にかかない(うつく)景色(けしき)なので(たけし)こことばかりにカメラ()撮影(さつえい)。」

    Novel: 'It's a beautiful scene that you don't see very often, so Takeshi took the opportunity to grab his camera and take some pictures.'


    Novel: 'As soon as he entered the clothing store, the clerk approached him, as if she had been just waiting for this very moment for a long time.'


    Novel: 'He slammed the door as if to say "I don't want to talk with you anymore".'


    As the closing time of the supermarket approached, when food and other items were discounted, housewives took the opportunity and did a lot of shopping.


    She slammed the table with her hand as if to say 'Silence!'.

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