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N1 Lesson 3: 14/17

にして ②

To be ~ and ~, To be ~ as well as ~, Both ~ and ~


Noun + にして
[な]Adjective + にして


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About にして②

Occasionally, the combination of the case-marking particle に 'in', and the て-form of the special verb する, して will be considered as a compound particle. While this does not change the way it will be used, it puts more emphasis on the 'going from that (A), (B)' nuance of にして. This will be translated as '(A) as well as (B)', 'both (A) and (B)', or 'to be (A) and (B)'.
This use of にして will appear following either nouns or な-Adjectives.
  • この足場(あしば)安全(あんぜん)にしてかつ()()てるのが簡単(かんたん)だから、注文(ちゅうもん)殺到(さっとう)している。
    Orders for this scaffolding have been pouring in because it is both safe and easy to assemble.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)大学(だいがく)教授(きょうじゅ)にして会社(かいしゃ)経営者(けいえいしゃ)でもある。
    She is both a university professor and a CEO.
Some set expressions like (さいわ)いにして and 不幸(ふこう)にして also exist. These can be interpreted as 'fortunately' and 'unfortunately' respectively.
  • 携帯(けいたい)(えき)()としてしまったが、(さいわ)いにして交番(こうばん)(とど)いていた。
    I accidentally lost my phone at the station, but fortunately it was delivered to the police station.
  • (かれ)不幸(ふこう)にして(おさな)(ころ)両親(りょうしん)()くした。
    Unfortunately, he lost his parents when he was younger.
Like with (さいわ)いにして and 不幸(ふこう)にして, にして tends to be used with a fairly limited set of words when having the meaning of 'both (A) and (B)'. Due to this, it is best to only use patterns that you have come across before.
Fun Fact
The tense at the end of にして sentences often changes the way that it will be understood, but it is important to remember that all にして structures simply put emphasis on (A) as being what allowed (B), led to (B), or exists in precedence to (B).




    The sea is both beautiful and a deep blue.


    Dr. Yamada is both a famous professor and a respected lawyer too.


    Cows are graceful, gentle, and smart.


    This is a simple and moreover a powerful app.


    Prime minister Tanaka is both an extraordinary politician and, at the same time, a great father.

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