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In response to, Meet


Noun + にこた
Noun + にこたえる(1) + Noun

(1) にこたえた


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About に応えて

にこたえて is a construction formed from に, and the て-form of the る-Verb (こた)える. It is often translated as 'to meet (A)', or 'in response to (A)'. Like (おう)じて 'to apply to', にこたえて indicates that (B) is something that will change based on what is considered necessary, suitable, or appropriate on a case-by-case basis when it comes to (A).
にこたえて often appears in hiragana alone, and will attach to the end of nouns that it is marking as the (A) that something being done in response to.
  • 生徒(せいと)(たち)要望(ようぼう)(こた)えて、レッスン料金(りょうきん)を1000(えん)(やす)くした。
    In response to our students' request, we have reduced the lesson fee by 1,000 yen.
  • クライアントのリクエスト(こた)えて、デザインを(すこ)しだけ()えました。
    We changed the design slightly in response to the client's request.
Alternatively, にこたえる will be used when connected directly to a second noun.
  • 弊社(へいしゃ)ではお客様(きゃくさま)のニーズ(こた)えるサービスを提供(ていきょう)するよう、日々(ひび)努力(どりょく)しています。
    We are committed to providing services that meet the needs of our clients.
  • あなたの要望(ようぼう)(こた)える自信(じしん)はありますが、このデザインを完成(かんせい)させるには時間(じかん)がかかると(おも)います。
    We are confident we can meet your request, but it will take time to complete this design.
In many cases, (A) will indicate a request, wish, or expectation.


  • 情報(じょうほう)公開(こうかい)請求(せいきゅう)(こた)えて事故(じこ)原因(げんいん)(かん)する書類(しょるい)開示(かいじ)された。

    In response to the freedom of information claim, the documents regarding the cause of the accident were released.

  • 応援(おうえん)(こえ)(こた)えて勝利(しょうり)のチームが(れい)をした。

    In response to the cheering, the victorious team bowed.

  • 住民(じゅうみん)皆様(みなさま)希望(きぼう)(こた)(いぬ)(ねこ)(ふん)のために、ごみ(ばこ)設置(せっち)することになりました。

    In response to residents' wishes, it has been decided that trash bins for cat and dog litter will be installed.

  • ()(しゃ)はクライアントのニーズ(こた)えた商品(しょうひん)開発(かいはつ)するべきだ。

    Our company should develop products that respond to our clients' needs.

  • この水泳(すいえい)選手(せんしゅ)このオリンピックで期待(きたい)(こた)える成績(せいせき)をあげた。

    This swimmer got results that will meet expectations at this Olympics.

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