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N2 Lesson 6: 8/20


Depending or based on, According to, In response to, Suitable for or to,


Noun + (おう)
Noun + (おう)じた + Noun


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About に応じて

(おう)じて is a combination of に, and the て-form of the る-Verb (おう)じる 'to apply to'. This grammar structure is often translated as 'depending on (A), (B)', or 'in response to (A), (B)'. However; in almost all cases, it is just indicating that (B) is something that is done in a way that is 'applicable' to what is necessary of (A).
(おう)じて will appear after nouns, or as (おう)じた when directly modifying a second noun.
  • 日本語(にほんご)(おし)える(さい)には、生徒(せいと)(たち)のレベル(おう)じてクラスを()ける必要(ひつよう)があります。
    When teaching Japanese, it is necessary to divide classes according to the level of the students.
  • この地域(ちいき)土地(とち)は、面積(めんせき)(おう)じて値段(ねだん)(たか)くなります。
    Land in this area is priced according to its surface area.
  • (わたし)たちはクライアントの要望(ようぼう)(おう)じたデザインを提供(ていきょう)しています。
    We provide designs that meet our clients' requests.
Fun-fact - (おう)じる usually indicates the way something 'responds to' or 'answers' an issue on a case-by-case basis. Due to this, what happens in (B) will frequently indicate something that changes depending on the intensity or severity of (A).




    At the gym, you should choose exercises suitable to your ability. (in response to)


    In response to a request from the residents, a ban on passing through the area around the elementary school in vehicles has been decided.


    For a toddler, it is necessary to have a diet that is suitable for their age.


    This food processor can swap between various functions like creating a paste, fine chopping, and others, depending on the requirements or purpose. (In response to)


    The Japanese change the angle of their bow, depending on the degree of respect for the other party. (in response to)

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