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N1 Lesson 8: 6/19


In light of, Based on, According to, Referencing, Comparing against, In view of


Noun + ()らして(1)
Noun (A) + ()らした + Noun (B)



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About に照らして・に照らすと

()らして is an expression based on the standard meaning of the う-Verb ()らす 'to illuminate', and is primarily used comparatively in a similar way to 'in light of' in English. This comparative meaning aims to illustrate (B) from the perspective of (A), and usually refers to situations, level of experience, or something similar.
To use this structure, attach the case-marking particle に to the end of a noun, then follow it with ()らして. If a second noun will be modified directly, then ()らした will be used instead.
  • (はは)自分(じぶん)経験(けいけん)()らして、こういう(とき)はどうすればいいかをアドバイスしてくれた。
    My mother advised me what to do in these situations in light of her own experience.
  • 労働(ろうどう)基準法(きじゅんほう)(まも)らない会社(かいしゃ)法律(ほうりつ)()らして(ばっ)せられるべきだ。
    Companies that do not comply with the labor laws should be punished in accordance with the law.
  • 経済(けいざい)統計(とうけい)()らした強盗(ごうとう)窃盗(せっとう)事件(じけん)(かん)する犯罪(はんざい)統計(とうけい)
    Crime statistics on burglaries and thefts in light of economic statistics.
  • 犯罪者(はんざいしゃ)刑法(けいほう)()らして(ばっ)せられる。
    Criminals are punished in accordance with the law.
Keep in mind that the に in this structure is marking (A) as the 'doer' of ()らす 'to illuminate', as it is a transitive verb. This means that the structure has a more literal translation of '(B) as reflected by (A)'. This can also be thought of as 'as made clear by (A), (B)', 'as made evident by (A), (B)'. (B) will almost always be a judgment that is logically based on (A).


  • 2017(ねん)経験(けいけん)()らして価格(かかく)下落(げらく)限定的(げんていてき)ある(わたし)(かんが)えています。

    In light of the experience of 2017, I believe that price drop will be limited in scope.

  • 彼女(かのじょ)生活(せいかつ)習慣(しゅうかん)()らして(つみ)がないことを宣言(せんげん)された。

    In light of her everyday life (alibi), she has been declared innocent.

  • 我々(われわれ)基準(きじゅん)()らすとこの製品(せいひん)粗悪品(そあくひん)()(ひと)(すく)なくない。

    There are quite a few people that would call this product inferior in light of our standards.

  • アルバイトすることは学校(がっこう)規則(きそく)()らして規則(きそく)違反(いはん)になる。

    Part-time working is a violation in light of school rules.

  • 国内(こくない)状況(じょうきょう)()らすと国外(こくがい)からの石油(せきゆ)購入(こうにゅう)必要(ひつよう)ある

    In light of the domestic situation, purchasing petrol abroad is necessary...

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