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N5 Lesson 9: 1/13


Let's, Shall we (Polite volitional)


Verb[ます+ ましょう


  • Part of Speech

    Auxiliary Verb

  • Word Type

    Dependent Word

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About ましょう

ましょう is one of the conjugations of the auxiliary verb ます, and is a common (polite) way to suggest that something be done 'together' (when used with a verb). It is often translated as 'let's (A)', or 'shall we (A)?'. To use ましょう, we will simply need to change ます to ましょう, when conjugating the verb.

Despite regularly being translated as 'shall we (A)?', ましょう does not specifically target another person, and can also be used as a declaration that (A) will be done/needs to be done. This use reflects the base meaning of ましょう, which is the polite volitional form (deliberately/purposefully doing something).

In this example, the speaker is expressing to themselves that they 'will' do something, and are strongly resolved to make it happen (similar to 'I shall' in English).



  • サッカーましょう

    Let's play soccer.

    • このレストラン寿司(すし)()ましょう

      Let's eat sushi at this restaurant.

      • ごはん()ましょう

        Let's eat.

        • バス()ましょう

          Let's go by bus.

          • (むずか)しい漢字(かんじ)(おぼ)ましょう

            Let's memorize difficult kanji.

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              Dear bunpro admin, the link to Misa’s video is private:

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              She mentions at the beginning that she did not like the old video and that one is redo, so maybe that’s the reason...

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              Thank you for letting us know and providing the link to the new video! I have updated the Readings section to include the link that you shared. Cheers!

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