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N5 Lesson 7: 9/13

Still, Not yet

まだ + Verb[ている]
まだ + Noun + + いる
まだ + Noun + + ある
まだ + Verb[ている](Polite)
まだ + Noun + + います
まだ + Noun + + あります
Part of Speech Adverb
Word Type Independent Word
Register Standard
品詞 副詞
単語の種類 自立語
使用域 一般
In English, まだ is regularly translated as ‘still’, or ‘not yet’, depending on if it is used in a positive non-past, or negative sentence. The reason that Japanese only requires one word for both of these nuances is due to まだ literally meaning ‘something is unexpectedly still going’.
  • まだ走(はし)っている
    I am still running. (Although you probably didn’t expect it, I am still running)
  • まだ親(おや)がいるからゲームできない。
    My parents are still here, so I can't play games. (Although you probably didn’t expect it, my parents are still here)
  • まだ宿題(しゅくだい)があるから、遊(あそ)ばない
    I still have homework, so I can't hang out yet. (Although you probably didn’t expect it, I still have homework)
From these sentences, we can see that まだ may be translated in each case as the following.
(Non-past) - Although (A) is expected to not be there/happening, it is. ‘Still’ in English. (ている) - Although (A) is expected to not still be going, It is. ‘Not yet’ in English. The negative form of this will be discussed more in まだ~ていません.
This is the opposite of もう, which means ‘something is unexpectedly finished’.
まだ may also be used to ask questions. This is when the speaker thinks that something ‘might’ be continuing, but wants or needs to confirm.
  • まだ日本語(にほんご)勉強(べんきょう)ている
    Are you still studying Japanese?
Fun Fact
まだ is often used simply as an expression indicating that something is ‘lacking’, or ‘not yet’ where it needs to be. In these cases まだ is frequently repeated as まだまだ, for emphasis.
  • まだまだー。
    You are not ready for this. (You still STILL are not ready)
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There is still cake in the fridge.
Are you still eating!?
'It is still too early for you.'
Phrase used when someone is still not ready for something. For example, a parent might say this to a child who wants to try alcohol
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