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N5 Lesson 7: 10/13


Still haven't done (something)


まだ + Verb[て]+ いない


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About まだ~ていません

まだ~ていません is a regular expression that combines the adverb まだ, with the conjunction particle . The form will be followed by the verb いる in its negative いません (polite), or いない (casual) form. This expression has the meaning of 'to still not have done (A)'.
  • その映画(えいが)まだ()ていません
    I still haven't watched that movie. (I continue to not have seen that movie)
  • それまだ生徒(せいと)(おし)ていません
    I have not taught my student that yet. (I continue to 'not' have taught that to my student)
From these examples, it can be seen that this grammatical structure follows the regular rules of conjugation for the form.


  • まだ()ていません

    I still haven't eaten.

  • その(ほん)まだ()でいません

    I still haven't read that book.

  • まだ勉強(べんきょう)ていません

    I still haven't studied.

  • この漢字(かんじ)まだ(なら)ていません

    I still haven't learned this kanji.

  • 学校(がっこう)まだ()ていません

    I still haven't gone to school.

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まだ~ていません – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (5 in total)

  • Johnathan-Weir


    About 2 years ago

    It just show the polite form because in the N5 levels that’s often all people have been taught to use so far.

  • ahewgill


    About 2 years ago

    During reviews it is difficult to know if BunPro is looking for the まだ~ていません or まだ grammar point. I am often getting it wrong by answering まだ~ていない. I think a warning message of [more polite] would work well here.

  • Jace


    About 1 year ago

    it lacks this structure maybe ?

    image769×147 14.3 KB

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