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Easy to, Likely to


Verb[ます+ やすい


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About やすい

(やす) is an い-Adjective that is regularly seen attached to the ます stem of verbs (the form of a verb that can be used as a noun). When attached in this way, it carries the meaning of 'easy to (A)', where (A) is the verb that comes before やすい.

Sometimes, やすい has a translation that is a bit closer to 'prone to (A)', or 'likely to (A)' in English. This nuance is regularly seen when the verb is related to emotions.


There is another adjective (やす)い that has the meaning of 'cheap'. This kanji should never be used with verbs to mean 'easy'. Most of the time, やすい itself will be written in hiragana, and usage of (やす) is quite limited.

Fun Fact

Although (やす) is an い-Adjective, it is almost never used by itself (when not attached to verbs). In such cases, it is much more natural to use the な-Adjective 簡単(かんたん).

  • 昨日(きのう)やすいゲーム()
    The game that I bought yesterday was cheap. ((やす)い meaning cheap, not (やす)い meaning easy)
  • (わたし)簡単(かんたん)ゲーム()です
    I enjoy easy games. ((やす)い would not work here, as it is not usually used without a verb)




    Cake is easy to make.


    It is easy to go from Tokyo to Osaka by train!


    Since there was only a little homework today, it was easy to do.


    This fish is easy to eat.


    Yesterday's practice was easy to do.

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やすい – Grammar Discussion

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  • EdBunpro


    At first glance, I think of a fish with little to no bones that you have to sift through before eating every bite or so. Probably not related to flavor, at least IMO.

  • Megumin


    I think it could go both ways, it’s subject to interpretation due to not having the context.

  • ianibanez


    Apologies if this is the wrong forum to ask this, since I was directed here when I tried to submit a question regarding something in my reviews.

    Why does the hint display “Past”?

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