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As of, With, Effective from


Time-Related Expression + もって
以上(いじょう)(1) + もって

(1) これ


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About をもって

When used with time related expressions, the structure をもって is often translated as 'as of (A)', or 'effective from (A)'. This grammar pattern is a construction of the adverbial particle を, and もって 'by means of'.
をもって will be used after nouns that indicate a time, or an event that happens at a specific time.
  • このゲームのオンラインサービスは2023(ねん)8(がつ)10()をもって終了(しゅうりょう)することに決定(けってい)しました。
    It has been decided that the online service for this game will end as of August 10, 2023.
  • 本日(ほんじつ)をもって受付(うけつけ)終了(しゅうりょう)いたします。
    As of today, we will no longer be accepting applications.
  • 今回(こんかい)のツアーをもって解散(かいさん)することになりました。
    We have decided to disband as of this tour.
As is frequently seen in polite speech or in official notifications, をもって may sometimes be read as をもちまして.
  • いつもご来店(らいてん)ありがとうございます。この店舗(てんぽ)本日(ほんじつ)をもちまして閉店(へいてん)いたします。
    Thank you for always visiting our shops. As of the day of writing, this store location will be closed.
Alternatively, the small っ (called a 促音(そくおん)) may occasionally be dropped. This results in をもて.
  • (ちち)は4(がつ)2()をもて、40年間(ねんかん)(つと)めていた会社(かいしゃ)をやめることにした。
    As of April 2nd, my father decided to quit the company he had worked for for 40 years.
Although 'effective from' can have the nuance of 'starting' in English, をもって primarily focuses on something ending, or what has happened up until the end date specified. Due to this, it will not be used to indicate that something is starting from a date that had nothing significant happen before it.
  • 2023(ねん)7(がつ)27()をもって人気(にんき)映画(えいが)続編(ぞくへん)公開(こうかい)されます。
    The sequel to the popular film will be released on July 27, 2023. (Unnatural Japanese)
Fun Fact
Coming from the kanji (もっ)て, and specifically meaning 'by means of', もって originally derives its nuance from ()って, 'to hold', or 'to have'. In this way, it may help to remember もって as working in a similar way to 'having (A)', or 'having reached (A)' in English.



    ファイナルファンタジー7のXbox Series X(ばん)(およ)びPlayStation 5(ばん)のサービスは2021(ねん)7(がつ)16(にち)(きん)をもちまして終了(しゅうりょう)させていただくことになりました。

    It has been decided that Final Fantasy 7's services for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be shut down as of July 16th, 2021 (Friday).


    The conference, after answering a question: 'With this, I will end the question-answer session. Thank you very much.' (effective from)


    Company president's retirement speech: 'I decided to retire from the position of President effective from the month of July this year. I sincerely appreciate your continued patronage.'


    Appointment notice: 'Ichijou Hotaru, we appoint you to a position in the fifth section of the accounting department, effective (from) May 1st, 2020.'


    'With this, I would like to conclude my speech.' (effective from)

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