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No...but, Nothing else but, None other than


Noun + をおいてほか + には(1) + … + ない



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About をおいてほかに〜ない

()いて is a grammar pattern that expresses something similar to 'none other than (A)', or 'nothing else but (A)'. ()いて is a combination of the adverbial particle を, and the て-form of the う-Verb ()く 'to set aside'. In this way, the literal meaning is similar to English phrases like 'setting aside (A), (B)', where (B) will be a broad statement about something that cannot be fulfilled by anything but (A).
()いて will follow nouns or noun phrases, and frequently have (ほか)にない directly after it, emphasizing the point that 'there is no other'.
  • こんなに人類学(じんるいがく)(くわ)しい(ひと)高橋(たかはし)教授(きょうじゅ)をおいてほかにいない
    No one knows anthropology better than Professor Takahashi.
  • 最初(さいしょ)のライブは、大阪(おおさか)をおいてほかにない
    The first concert will be held in none other than Osaka.
  • 日本語(にほんご)文法(ぶんぽう)(なら)いたいなら、(ぶん)プロをおいてほかにない
    If you want to learn Japanese grammar, there is none other than Bunpro.
()いて tends to only be used when the speaker positively evaluates (A), and is giving it praise in saying that nothing else can compare to it.
Fun Fact
As this grammar point regularly appears in hiragana, it may be helpful to remember that this uses ()く 'to set aside', rather than 置く 'to place'. It may be easy to confuse these meanings, as they are very similar, and are classified as 同訓異字(どうくんいじ). These are words that have the same kun-yomi reading, and also have a similar meaning. There are hundreds of examples of these in the language, so memorizing words with the same readings will help in identifying the meaning of new kanji at a later stage.




    The company president speaks to the vice president: 'I am planning to retire. No one but you comes to my mind as a suitable successor.'


    Article: 'When I mention Japanese directors, the one that has the greatest influence on modern cinematography is of course none other than Akira Kurosawa.'


    Detective speaking to the suspect: 'Don't play dumb. No one but the murderer himself knows this much about the murder.'


    If I were to mention an app that I would recommend for beginners that have just started learning Japanese then it would be none other than 'Bunpro.'


    Chat between friends, Komari: 'I plan to go to sightseeing in Tokyo.'
    Hotaru: 'If you are going sightseeing in Tokyo, then I can think of nothing but Tokyo Tower.'

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