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N1 Lesson 9: 20/20


On the premise of


Noun + 前提(ぜんてい)(1)
Verb + こと + 前提(ぜんてい)(1)

(1) として、にして


    About を前提に

    前提(ぜんてい) is a pattern that combines the adverbial particle を, the noun 前提(ぜんてい) ‘premise’ or ‘hypothesis’, and the case-marking particle に. It is often translated as ‘on the premise of (A)’, and marks something as the base thought or goal toward which some other (B) action is being taken.
    This structure will be used following nouns, or verbs that have been nominalized with こと.
    • このパソコンは仕事場(しごとば)使(つか)われること前提(ぜんてい)(つく)られているので、ゲームなどには()いていないです。
      This computer was made on the premise that it would be used in the workplace, so it is not suitable for games.
    • (むすめ)さんとは結婚(けっこん)前提(ぜんてい)()()いをさせていただいています。
      I am dating your daughter on the premise of marriage.
    • この(くるま)はレースをするということ前提(ぜんてい)改造(かいぞう)されているため公道(こうどう)では運転(うんてん)できません。
      This car was customized on the premise of racing, so you can’t drive it on public roads.
    Alternatively, either にして or として may be used in place of に by itself. This only slightly changes the nuance in the same way that is to be expected of these structures. を前提(ぜんてい)にして will sound more active as ‘toward the premise of (A), (B)’. While を前提(ぜんてい)として sounds more passive as ‘with (A) as the premise (B).
    • 名前(なまえ)()さないということ前提(ぜんてい)にして労基(ろうき)上司(じょうし)のパワハラなどを通報(つうほう)した。
      On the premise that they don’t make my name known, I reported to the Labor standards inspection office about my boss harassing me.
    • このアパートは、一人(ひとり)()むことを前提(ぜんてい)として(つく)られているので、キッチンとお風呂場(ふろば)(ちい)さいです。
      This apartment was built on the premise that only one person will live here, so the kitchen and the bathroom is small.




      We are dating on the premise of marriage.

      元々(もともと)、 1(ひとり)()こと前提(ぜんてい)この(いえ)()から(とき)()ったらちょっと(せま)くなった

      The house was originally built on the premise that I would live there by myself, so it turned out to be a little small over time.


      Cost estimates are calculated on the premise of a slow increase in the price of building materials.


      Many console owners purchase games based on the premise that they will sell them after finishing.


      This textbook was written on the premise that you have an understanding of basic grammar.

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