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N1 Lesson 10: 9/22


As of (the end of), (Starting) from, (No longer) after, By (the), Ending with


Noun + (かぎ)りに
Noun + (かぎ)りで


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About を限りに

(かぎ)りに is a structure that follows nouns in order to express a time for which something that was continuing will finish by. Common interpretations include ‘ending with (A), (B)’, and ‘no longer than (A), (B)’. This grammar pattern makes use of the adverbial particle を, the noun (かぎ)り ‘limit’, and the case-marking particle に.
  • こちらの事情(じじょう)により、明日(あした)(かぎ)りに(みせ)閉店(へいてん)させていただくことになりました。長年(ながねん)利用(りよう)いただき(まこと)にありがとうございました。
    Due to personal reasons, we have decided to close the store as of tomorrow. Thank you very much for your patronage over the years.
  • 今月(こんげつ)(かぎ)りに海外(かいがい)()()すことになりました。(いま)までいろいろとお世話(せわ)になりました。
    As of this month, I will be moving abroad. Thank you so much for everything.
  • 来月(らいげつ)(おこな)われるコンサート(かぎ)りにSUM41は解散(かいさん)することを()めたそうです。
    SUM41 has decided to disband after the concert next month.
(かぎ)りに is primarily used for making proclamations or announcements, and is more formal than similar structures like (かぎ)りで.
Fun Fact
Although (かぎ)りに almost always follows words indicating a specific time or place that is being viewed temporally, there is also the set expression (こえ)(かぎ)りに, ‘to the limit of one’s voice’ that breaks this usual rule.
  • 昨日(きのう)(よる)息子(むすこ)(こえ)(かぎ)りに()いていたから大変(たいへん)だったよ。
    It was tough last night because my son was crying to the limit of his voice (crying as loud as he could).




    We will close as of tomorrow. This store opened in 1972 and has been operating at our current location for 49 years.


    Changes in personnel, civil servant: 'I will be leaving my current position as of this week.'


    Conversation between coworkers: 'I heard that Tanaka is planning to resign as of this month, but is that true?'


    Takeda-sensei will not perform in public as of now.

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