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As, On par with, Worthy of


Noun + () + だ
Noun + () + + Noun
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About 並み

() is the noun form of the classical verb ()む, which has the same meaning as (なら)ぶ, ‘to line up’, or ‘to be in line’. It will be used following nouns, and may be interpreted as ‘on par with (A)’, ‘worthy of (A)’, or ‘as standard for (A)’. However, the literal translation of ‘in line with (A)’ also works just as well in many cases.
  • あの()のサーブの仕方(しかた)はプロ()だ。
    Their serve is on par with pros.
  • まだ5(がつ)なのに8(がつ)()(あつ)さだ。
    Despite it still being May, it is as hot as August.
  • (かれ)日本語(にほんご)をネイティブ()(はな)せるから、(かれ)がいると安心(あんし)できる。
    He can speak Japanese as well as a native, so I feel at ease when he is around.
Although () may occasionally have the meaning of ‘as standard for (A)’ as a suffix, the ‘average’ or ‘ordinary’ meaning is often reserved for when () is used by itself as a noun. In these cases it will usually be written as (なみ), and be followed by the case-marking particle の, and then a second noun marking what the average is.
  • あのような(いえ)(なみ)(ひと)には(たか)すぎます。
    A house like that is too expensive for the average person.
  • (なみ)大学生(だいがくせい)がお(かね)()めるにはアルバイトだけではなく、節約(せつやく)できるところで節約(せつやく)もしないといけません。
    In order for the average college student to save money, not only do they have to work part-time, but they also have to cut expenses where they can.
() may only be used in sentences where (A) has a standard or norm that is well recognized, or easily identifiable. In cases where the ‘norm’ would change based on an individual’s opinion, rather than what the actual standard is, it will sound unnatural.
  • この子供(こども)柔軟(じゅうなん)さはトカゲ()のレベルがありそうです。
    It seems that this kid’s flexibility is on par with that of a lizard. (Unnatural Japanese, as the flexibility of a lizard is not something that is either easy to imagine, or common knowledge)




    My wife's singing is on par with pros.


    Atlanta's annual daylight hours are on par with Rome's average.


    Titanium is as strong as steel, yet much lighter.


    This movie was an achievement on par with the level of an academy award.


    Statistics suggest that China's economy has come to be on par with with that of other developed countries.

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