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に先駆けて にさきがけて first, prior to, pioneer, ahead of

Noun + に先駆け(て)
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  • (A) に先駆けて (B) is a phrase used with nouns like 世界, 全国, 全市, 業界, 他社, 他◯, indicating that the subject of a sentence has done something first, prior to others, and therefore is a pioneer in some respect. In certain contexts, it can also simply mean ‘prior’ or ‘before’.Often used by politicians, local governments, and companies on their websites or in advertisements.
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In 1763, paving the way for other countries, Prussia introduced the modern compulsory education.
コンサートのサイト: ファンクラブでは、一般(いっぱん)発売(はつばい)に先駆(さきが)けて、チケットの販売(はんばい)を行(おこな)います。
Concert website : ‘The selling of tickets via the fun club will take place prior to offering them to the general public.’
広告(こうこく): 世界(せかい)の人々(ひとびと)に先駆(さきが)けて、楽(たの)しみながら学(まな)ぶ体験(たいけん)型(がた)博物館(はくぶつかん)を訪(おとず)れてみてはいかがでしょう。
Advertisement : ‘How about paving the way for the people of the world and visiting an interactive museum, where you can learn and have fun at the same time.’

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