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N1 Lesson 2: 8/17


Stained, Covered in, Smeared, Dirty with, Soaked in

Usually not used for non-physical objects such as mistakes, etc. However, there are exceptions like 借金まみれ.


Noun + まみれ
Noun + まみれ + + Noun
Noun + まみれ + になって + Phrase


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About 塗れ

まみれ, seen primarily in hiragana only, is a grammar pattern that indicates being 'completely covered in (A)', 'smeared all over with (A)', or 'stained with (A)'. It will follow nouns, and may appear as まみれの when linked directly to a second noun that まみれ is modifying.
  • (かあ)さん:「(ふく)(どろ)まみれじゃん!どうしたの?!」
    Mother: 'You are covered in mud! What happened?!'
  • (いえ)(かえ)ったら(いぬ)()まみれになっていたと(おも)ったら、どうやらいちごジャムを()べて()たみたい。
    When I got home, I thought my dog was covered in blood, but it seems like he ate some jam and fell asleep.
  • あんな借金(しゃっきん)(まみ)(おとこ)とは()()わない(ほう)がいいよ!
    I don't think you should date a guy like that, who is drowning in debt!
  • ストップ!そんな(どろ)まみれ(ふく)洗濯機(せんたくき)()れないで!
    Stop! Don't put clothes covered in mud in the washing machine!
In the vast majority of cases, まみれ will be used in regard to something that is negative, or can be perceived negatively even if it is not physical, like debt or desires. Examples of physically negative things include but are not limited to blood, mud, oil, etc.
Fun Fact
まみれ is the noun form of the る-Verb (まみ)れる, coming from the same kanji and with a similar meaning as ()る, 'to paint'. Just like 'to paint', まみれる and まみれ primarily describe something covering the outer surface of another object, rather than its contents.



  • 先生(せんせい)田中(たなか)さん(こおり)(すべ)って(ゆき)(かたまり)(ころ)び、(ゆき)まみれになってしまった。

    Mr. Tanaka slipped on ice and fell on a lump of snow. He was completely covered in snow.

    • 仕事(しごと)(あぶら)まみれになったら、(いえ)(かえ)ってからシャワーを()びる気持(きも)いいよね。

      After getting soaked in oil at work, there's nothing better than having a shower after coming back home, right?

      • (ゆか)(どろ)まみれになった。

        The floor became covered in mud.

        • (あたま)から(あせ)まみれになって(はし)っている選手(せんしゅ)はすごいと(おも)います。

          I think that players running with their heads covered in sweat are amazing.

          • 彼女(かのじょ):「キモイ!(つくえ)がよだれまみれだわ!」

            Girlfriend: 'Gross! You got drool all over the desk!'
            Boyfriend: 'I fell asleep while studying, so…'

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