N1 Lesson 9: 14/17
を禁じ得ない をきんじえない


Cannot help feeling
Cannot but
Cannot hold back

Structure Legend
Noun + を禁じ得ない
Verb + の + を禁じ得ない
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(A) を禁じ得ない is a formal phrase used when the speaker/writer cannot suppress the rise of certain emotions (sadness, happiness, etc.) or the result of those emotions (like laughter or crying).
It is generally used with a limited number of expressions like: 涙、笑い、同情(の念)、驚き(の念)、怒り、苦しみ、失望、喜び、感動. This expression is uncommon in daily conversation.

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I could not help being surprised, hearing that these students who were discussing the news in fluent Japanese, had started studying it two years ago.

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