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N1 Lesson 9: 17/20


No (doubt or hope), There is no way, It is impossible, Not a hope in hell


Verb + べくもない

[する]Verb + (1) + べくもない

(1) する


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About べくもない

As mentioned in the several other grammar structures that include べく, this structure is the conjunctive form of the classical auxiliary verb べし ‘shall’. It will be attached to the dictionary form of verbs in order to convey the purpose, necessity, or likelihood of an action. When combined with the adverbial particle も, and the い-Adjective ない, it is often translated as ‘it is impossible to (A)’, or ‘there is no way to (A)’.
  • 自分(じぶん)(つく)ったパスタはあの有名(ゆうめい)シェフが(つく)るパスタと(くら)べるべくもないが、結構(けっこう)おいしいと(おも)う。
    It is impossible to compare the pasta I made with the one made by that famous chef, but I think mine is quite good.
  • あの(かお)()てみろ、あいつが(かれ)(ころ)したという(こと)(うたが)べくもない
    Look at that face, there is no doubt that they are the one that killed him.
  • (わたし)自身(じしん)先生(せんせい)になるまでは、先生(せんせい)大変(たいへん)さなど()べくもなかった
    Until I became a teacher myself, I could never have known how hard it is to be a teacher.
べくもない is a pattern that usually appears with verbs highlighting the thinking or emotions of the speaker, and how that action is impossible or inconceivable for them.
In the case of する, べく may be connected directly to する, or to the stem, す.
  • あの中古車(ちゅうこしゃ)販売店(はんばいてん)詐欺(さぎ)まがいなことをやっていたということは、否定(ひてい)するべくもない事実(じじつ)だ。
    There is no doubt that that used car dealership was doing something that could be considered as a scam.
  • そんな解決策(かいけつさく)では問題(もんだい)解決(かいけつ)べくもない
    There is no way that we can solve the problem with such a solution.



  • 小説(しょうせつ):「戦力差(せんりょくさ)歴然(れきぜん)としているゆえ、まともな勝負(しょうぶ)(のぞ)べくもない。」

    Novel: 'Since the difference in strength is clear, there is no hope of a decent match.'

    • いくら頑張(がんば)ったところで()写真(しゃしん)にはおよぶべくもないのである

      No matter how much one tries, a drawing is no match for a photograph.

      • 地球(ちきゅう)温暖化(おんだんか)人間(にんげん)活動(かつどう)直接(ちょくせつ)関係(かんけい)があるということは(うたが)べくもない

        There is no doubt that global warming is directly linked to human influence.

        • 小説(しょうせつ):「今回(こんかい)(かれ)危害(きがい)(まぬか)れたにせよ、そのように運転(うんてん)(つづ)けていては将来(しょうらい)(かれ)何事(なにごと)(おこ)りかねぬかは、()べくもない。」

          Novel: 'Even though he escaped injury this time, there is no way to know what might happen to him in the future if he continues driving like that.'

          • 小説(しょうせつ):「この()正直(しょうじき)少年(しょうねん)に、(うそ)をつくなど(のぞ)べくもない。」

            Novel: 'There's not a hope in hell that this honest boy would lie.'

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